Immunethep receives funding from the EIC Accelerator for Clinical Trials



Immunethep has been selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) to receive funding from its EIC Accelerator programme. Immunethep will receive initially a €2.5 million Grant and is eligible for additional Equity investment from the EIC Fund for a project that comprises a total investment of €17.5 million.

This funding aims at advancing the Paragon Novel Vaccine (PNV) to first-in-human clinical trials to assess safety, immunogenicity, and early efficacy. With such developments, Immunethep becomes the first company in the world with a multi-bacterial vaccine in clinical trials according to the 2021 WHO vaccine report focusing on WHO's Bacterial Priority Pathogens. This report recommends continuing the development and use of vaccines for some of WHO’s bacterial priority pathogens list as tools to fight the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) threat worldwide.

In 2019, a study published by The Lancet estimates that 4.95 million people worldwide died from illnesses in which bacterial AMR played a part. Of those, 1.27 million deaths were the direct result of AMR. If no significant changes occur in the way new drugs are developed to address this silent pandemic, in 2050 AMR will be the largest cause of death in the world, surpassing cancer.

Immunethep is one of the 75 innovative startups selected in this EIC Accelerator cut-off among more than 1000 applications from all over Europe.  

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