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They furthermore pledge not to modify, damage, destroy, suppress, or delete any of the data and automated files to which they have access, in such a way that this data or information is rendered unusable, or its usability is affected.

IMMUNETHEP, S.A. assumes that all the information provided by the Users of the reserved area is true and accurate. The User shall so declare, through confirmation at the time of registration, and acknowledges that said declaration exempts IMMUNETHEP, S.A. from all responsibility in the event of the provision of false or inaccurate data and the improper use of this service by one who is not a health professional in the case of technical-scientific information that is directed exclusively to those professionals, and by one who is not an authorised User, in the case of corporate data. IMMUNETHEP, S.A. shall make every effort to ensure the accuracy and quality of all information on its site. However, it does not make any guarantees or assume obligations in regard to the complete accuracy of the information or it's being up to date.

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